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Sacred Celebrations
A Sourcebook

by Glennie Kindred

Sacred Celebrations explores each of the eight Celtic festivals, looking at how they were celebrated and understood in the past, the underlying changing energy of the Earth and ways we may use this energy to create meaningful celebrations for today.

This user-friendly source book will be of great value to everyone wishing to celebrate and honour the changing rhythms and seasons of the Earth and her cycles.

ISBN 0 906362 48 2, 216 pages, 200 x 150 mm, fully illustrated with original drawings,

Stories that Crafted the Earth
by Adrian Beckingham

The Man from Story Mountain This book explores stories of Earth Creation: how the Earth, the rivers, the lakes, the oceans, the mountains, the valleys, the clouds, the sky, and the first animals and people came into being. These stories have been passed on orally for centuries...

215 x 150mm, 320 pages, fully illustrated in colour.
ISBN 0 906362 65 2, May 2005


The Traveller's Guide to
Fairy Sites
The Landscape and Folklore of Fairyland
In England, Wales and Scotland
by Janet Bord

"An inspiring introduction to the ancient fairy sites of Britain's magical landscape. An important addition to the renaissance of respecting, protecting and celebrating our sacred ecology" - William Bloom
This is a guidebook to over 500 places in the British Isles where fairies have actually been seen...

215 x 110 mm, 296 pages, fully illustrated in black and white with colour codes by county,
plus user-friendly maps.

ISBN 0 906362 64 4 September 2004
Newly re-published in 2003...
The Traveller's Guide to Sacred England
A guide to the legends, lore and landscape of England's sacred places
by John Michell

Essential reading for the Twenty-First Century pilgrim.
Recognized as the world authority on ancient science and religion and the symbolism of ancient landscapes, John Michell takes us on an unforgettable journey to ruined abbeys and cathedrals, pagan sites and megalithic temples, shrines of saints and visionaries, holy wells, island sanctuaries, and to a host of other places where peace....

215 x 110 mm, 356 pages, maps and keys in colour.
ISBN 0 906362 63 6


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