My thoughts began with business, what can I create that the world will want, what app, what food, what tool, what could I offer to the world, what was lacking. I fell into meditation. What do we need more of in our lives. I took a deep breath, “Stillness, Love” , this was what I heard. We do not need more stimulation, but for our attention to be brought back inward to the heart. We need to remember to be still and breath with Mother Earth and the Cosmos above. We must remember.

My business plan has turned into a prayer, because that is what the world needs. Not to think how we can best line our pockets, but how we can best help care for our Earth and each other.

~ Project Earth Guardian 369 ~
~ The Global Globe Project ~
I will begin by making 369 Rainbow Prism Globe hangings. Each Prism will come with a simple, but impactful meditation, inspired by Pranayama Gurus, the Hopi Indians, and the Rainbow Bridge Prayer. These hangings will be sold around the world, as well as gifted to altars on sacred sites in Peru, France, India, Southeast Asia and around the world. There will be a community board to post picture and comments, a place to connect and share one another’s experiences and stories. 

Thank you for your time and consideration 
Shatzi Rainbow

*Each Rainbow Globe 
Prism/light Catcher may vary slightly with accent beads
from photo above. 

*Each one is unique and carries the Rainbow theme.
*Length approx 12"
*Available on 
~ Golden Light Buddah ~
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~ Rainbow Light Catcher ~

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